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Sea Kissed by Kris was established in 2013, on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.  We will never take for granted the blessing of calling this wonderful place our home. We are a locally owned small business / husband and wife team who share a love for the beach and ocean. We are intentional about spending lots of family-time with our kids as we soak up the sunshine, go surfing, diving and beach-combing together in search of fresh new shells and sea glass. 


Oahu is an island full of such rich culture, beautiful displays of nature and a genuine warmth in its people.  It truly is a place of Aloha. We live a very simple and minimalistic life-style, which is reflected in the jewelry we create. Using the natural elements of sea glass and shells that we find daily in our clear ocean waters has long been a huge passion for us. We bring these back to our home-studio and transform them into unique wearable pieces of ocean art for you. 

We've also chosen to include a special collection of Tahitian Pearl / Black Pearl jewelry, because of the kindred spirit we felt when we visited the breathtaking islands of Tahiti.  There are so many similarities between the Hawaiian and Tahitian culture. We feel privileged to offer you pieces that represent the beauty found in the islands of Tahiti.

Our hope is that you can feel the warm spirit of the islands with each piece of jewelry we create.  We genuinely take pride in our work. We enjoy the entire process from start to finish. From beach-combing, to diving for shells, to the time spent handcrafting each piece, to packaging and shipping, we thoroughly love what we do.

Thank you so much for supporting us and spreading the word to your family and friends. We really do appreciate every order that comes in and we are grateful that you've chosen to purchase jewelry from Sea Kissed By Kris!


Carl and Kristin

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