Here's a big Hawaiian Sunrise Shell for ya!! This bright yellow bezeled Sunnie is linked with a white piece of Sea Glass. Perfect beach loving' combo!!!

I think of sunrise shells like the diamond of the sea…that’s how rare and special they are!! Their amazingly vibrant colors are completely natural and echo the beautiful Hawaiian sunrise and for those lucky enough to find one on the beach, they’ll most likely find it at that time of day! They’re only found on a couple of the Hawaiian islands, the north shore of Oahu being one of them! They have a very special meaning to me personally. Before I started making jewelry, I’d walk the beaches collecting shells just for fun. The day after I decided to start Sea Kissed by Kris, I went on my usual beach walk, but this time I was specifically looking for shells to make jewelry. As I was walking, I looked down and found my first sunrise shell!!! I really felt like it was God telling me that I was on the right path and that He was going to bless my business!

Large Double Bezel Sunnie Necklace