Each of these these size Large bangles are the exact ones you will receive when ordering!  Choose which bangle you like from the second photo.


Prices for each style will be adjusted when added to your cart.


#1 Dainty Bezel Bangle - $85

#2 Dainty Bezel Bangle - $85

#3 Dainty Bezel Bangle - $85

#4 Dainty Bezel Bangle -$85

#5 Sunrise Shell Bangle - $130

#6 Chunky Bezel Bangle $100

#7 Chunky Bezel Bangle $100

#8 Chunky Bezel Bangle $100


Size Largel is 8.5" - Measure around the base of your thumb as if you are sliding a bangle over your hand.





Size Large Variety Bezel Bangles

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