This unique style cuff is made with a gorgeous Hawaiian Sunrise Shell. These rare, naturally colored shells are only found in the Hawaiian islands. You will be receiving a one-of-a-kind cuff since each Sunrise Shell is uniquely beautiful!


Meausure around wrist for size:


x small       5.5"
small          6"
medium     6.5"
large           7"
x large        7.5"
xx large      8"

Option to note your desired shell size and color tones so we can try to find the perfect shell for you!



Sunrise shells are like the diamonds of the sea…that’s how rare and special they are!! Their amazingly vibrant colors are completely natural and echo the beautiful Hawaiian sunrise. For those lucky enough to find one on the beach, they’ll most likely find it at that time of day! They’re only found in a places in the Hawaiian islands, the north shore of Oahu being one of them!

Hawaiian Sunrise Shell Cuff